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Become a Teen Thought Leader

Teen Thought Leaders are a group of high school students from across the country who've already distinguished themselves in individual fields. You were selected to help give voice to your generation, either because you were nominated by someone else and approved, or because we sought out your expertise.

What does this mean?

You've already gone above and beyond to prove yourself as a distinguished leader in clubs, student bodies, and beyond. Now, you've been invited to join fellow peers in providing feedback for companies, journalists, nonprofits, and more. In exchange for your time in our regular panel, you'll have access to an exclusive network of top high school students across the country and unique data on the future of our generation. Plus, in the time of COVID, it's extra important to have means of scintillating discourse; this is one of them.

How it works

To put it simply, The Gen Z Project is an intermediary to help get teen voices heard where they need to be. We provide an interface between you and companies, nonprofits, and everyone else interested in what teens have to say so that everyone can actually get what they want out of each other (companies know what products to push; advocacy groups know what we care about; and we get better tailored products and more attention to what we actually want).


Take a cruise around the rest of our website and you can learn a little bit more about what we do here and your part in it. In particular the Home and FAQ pages should be useful. And if you still have questions feel free to reach out to where someone should get back to you quickly.

What is the commitment like?

The time commitment is small. Mainly, this project is seeking to directly translate your thoughts and opinions into useful data. You should have no more than a handful of 10-minute long surveys to complete and a once-a-month focus group as part of this group. And in return you get access to a whole host of opportunities.

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