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How is this different than other options?

While one-off surveys exist, there's no extensive effort to research the teenage segment. This is a by-teens-for-teens approach to opinions that takes data directly to the hands of those who need or really should have it.

There are many great and effective pollsters but very few have the energy, expertise, or resources to accurately assess Gen Z on an ongoing basis.

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Why are The Gen Z Project's findings helpful to anyone?

First of all, our exclusive collection of responsive teens can provide data that would otherwise take huge effort to assemble yourself. Representing a hugely powerful set of consumers in the US, teens can be fickle and unpredictable, meaning that accurate research must be done before launching products, updates, policy proposals, or anything else targeted at those aged 13-17.

In addition, we provide access to our Teen Thought Leaders Group, a special mix of the stars of Gen Z, who can provide data and input on the direction our generation will proceed.

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How can I be a member of the Teen Thought Leaders group?

You can apply to be a member by emailing and giving a one-paragraph explainer about your qualifications and why you want to be a part of the group.

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What do I get as part of the Teen Thought Leaders Group?

You'll get access to an exclusive array of data and services provided only to members, as well as networking opportunities, potential meetups, scintillating discourse with a diverse set of peers, and more, all for answering a few short surveys and potentially participating in panels.

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How is data collected?

We utilize SurveyMonkey® tools to collect responses from our pool of participants spread across the country. Contact us directly ( to learn more about our methodology and how that can be adapted to different projects.

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