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What Exactly is The Gen Z Project?

The market to tackle

Gen Z is a powerful generation, more diverse than any other and, according to Pew, more politically engaged and radical as well. Need an example? Turn to Donald Trump's 2020 Tulsa Rally. "Tiktok Teens," as they were referred to, flooded his website with false reservations, deflating turnout from an expected record showing to roughly 1/3 of the stadium's capacity. An overflow rally was being disassembled while Trump spoke. In addition, the market for products bought by teens in high school is well over $150 billion, not to mention the influence these teens exert into familial buying patterns.

All this, and yet, the power that Gen Z wields is ineffectively transmitted to those who ought to have it. Companies and nonprofits lack a reliable source of feedback directly from teens who want their voices heard.

Image taken by Theo Baker, Lafayette Park protest 2020 Washington, DC

How The Gen Z Project changes that

The qualitative data provided by our team, comprised entirely of teens in and of itself, gives both companies and those seeking information on teenagers' opinions an edge. We provide several distinct services, including regular panels in which selected representatives discuss survey and requested topics as well as targeted research for product and/or policy rollout.

Focus Groups, Surveys, and Subjective Feedback are our areas of expertise, and we have unique access to the single most powerful consuming subset and the political and leadership future of our country.

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