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Mission of the project

The Gen Z Project is a by-teens-for-teens initiative, dedicated to making our voices heard. Together, teens across the country are working together to share our message with the world and make our products and services better at the same time. Join here, and help us make an impact.


While many one-off surveys exist attempting to categorize the sentiments of America's most diverse generation, no ongoing efforts to bring teenagers' opinions and preferences direct to consumers exist. Until now.

What do we do?


Teen Thought Leader Panel

A collection of Top 100 High School students in Leadership positions as well as regional leaders in national organizations who give survey feedback and participate in panels/focus groups.


Market Receptiveness Testing

Reactions to company products, updates, or entertainment by High School students. Direct feedback on whether or not a multi-billion dollar market is enthused.


Current Affairs Opinions

How 13-17-year-olds feel on a variety of political, social, and global issues pertinent at the time. The next generation of voters, more diverse and ready to shake things up in ways that we can help you understand.


Custom Tailored Surveys/Focus Groups

Have access to an exclusive group of teenagers to commission your own surveys! We specialize in providing qualitative data in a virtually untapped market


Contact to get more information on the project

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